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Arts of Japan – Event at My Japanese Garden

A Japanese Garden in Santiago de Compostela invites you to a Sunday afternoon in a dream scenario!
Various activities related to traditional Japanese arts will take place at a Japanese Garden in Santiago, owned by Carla Amorim, a passionate person about gardens and Japan.


The tickets are limited! The participation without previous reservation is not permitted.

To attend pre-book is obliged and should take place up to 24 hours before the event, by contacting the organization at 034 637 392 382 and / or by email to (Online booking option will be available on the next few days and the enabled link will be published here).

It is also possible to attend only to the Shakuhachi concert, but the entrance will be restricted until 8:45 pm

There will be surprises and offers, as well as Japanese and Galician tapas included on the option to participate in the entire event, from 5 pm until 10 pm.

The participation and collaboration of the following artists. (Updated with event’s photos)

Exhibition and Sumi-e painting by Yano Yoro (Susana Llorente, Muxia – Spain)

Exhibition & Introduction to the Art of Bonsai by Alberto Baleato (Santiago Compostela – Spain)

Introduction and recital of Haiku and Tankas by María Jesús López-Beltrán (Madrid – Spain)

Lecture about the Japanese Garden by Carla Amorim (Santiago Compostela – Portugal)

Aikido exhibition by San Clemente Gymnasium (Santiago)

Shakuhachi Concert by Rodrigo Rodriguez (Vigo – Japan)

Following some videos on some of the featured artists, enjoy!

Thank you all for attending!!

The organización is profoundly thankful to all the artists and collaborators that have supported this event and all the participants (+30) without whom this would not be possible!

Carla Amorim

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